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Materials List

Sandy Thibeault Workshops

Choosing your image and Materials List



Both beginners and experienced artists are welcome to work from an image supplied by Sandy. Experienced artists (in any medium) may also work from either an original drawing (supplemented with color reference material) or an original photograph. If you are providing your own photograph, please be sure that:


- it shows your subject clearly, and is of excellent quality.


- the subject is illuminated by a clear, single-light source (no flash,  

   iphone, or multiple light sources). Contact me with any questions.


- bring an excellent color copy of your photograph.


- bring 5 black & white Xerox copies of your photograph – all  

   proportioned to fit your composition on a 6” X 8” gesso panel.




MATERIALS LIST (1-7 are required):


*Sandy will supply the pigments, True Gesso panels, eggs, paper towels, plastic cups for egg and water, pipe cleaners, Saral transfer paper, and small plastic sectional palettes, as well as eye droppers and scissors and other incidentals to share.


1.   old toothbrush


2.   2- one gallon ziplock plastic bags


3.   watercolor brushes - approximate sizes, 000, 2, 4, 6 rounds, ½” or ¾”

      flat, all with good spring back "snap"   


While Sable brushes are considered the best, some synthetic brushes work well and are much more affordable. Less expensive but good egg tempera brushes are Trekell Golden Taklon Round # 1, 2, 4, 6 or Utrecht Series #234 white nylon synthetic sable or Sceptre Gold II Series from Winsor Newton # 0, 1, 2 for details.        (I use Raphael series 8404- #2,4,6 and Isabey 6227z- #2 and Kalish Series 8-#000)


4.   palette knife - a 2-3” blade and an offset handle is best (any will work)


5.   cosmetic sponges -  One package (usually 6-8 pieces) of  wedge-

      shaped cosmetic sponges. CoverGirl brand (CVS) is least expensive and works well. MAC and  

      Sephora are excellent but more expensive. DO NOT purchase sponges that are too squishy and

      “marshmallow-y”. They are too soft and won't work.


6.   mister - small fine spray bottle for water (travel size is perfect)


7.   white flat palette – glass or plastic for tempering pigments

      (I use both a sheet of 12”X18” flat glass with the underside painted  

      white or covered in white shelving paper, plus a sectional ceramic  

      palette with lid)


8.   sharp scissors - small is preferred, but any will do to round the shape  

      of your cosmetic sponge glazing tool (I will have a few to share)


9.   apron or old shirt


10.  small hairdryer (optional) (I will have one to share)

11.  eye dropper - the best way to distribute egg into pigment (I will have

       a few to share)

12.  Easels are NOT necessary for our small paintings – working flat or  

       propping the Gesso panel on any object will work


Visit these links for registration or payment.


Feel free to email or call if you have any questions:



I look forward to seeing you in class!


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All images and text are copyrighted ©by Sandy Thibeault. All rights reserved. For permission to reproduce any of the images or text, please contact the artist.