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Please be sure to go to registration and fill in each section completely for workshop or 24 Pigment Sampler Kit 



You will receive an immediate full refund if I must cancel the workshop.

If you cancel your workshop within two weeks of its start, you will receive a refund minus a $100 fee due to the committed preparation time and expenses on the part of the instructor.


Payment Methods:

You may pay by PayPal, check or Money Order. Make checks payable to Sandy Thibeault.





Sandy Thibeault Workshops
495.00 USD

5 days, 10am-4pm
Instructor will supply the pigments, True Gesso panels, eggs, paper towels, plastic cups for egg and water, plastic sectional palettes and painting guide, Egg Tempera: Tools, Techniques and Tips. Eyedroppers, scissors and other incidentals to share. Download the materials list.





24 Pigment Sampler Kit
75.00 USD

10g Titanium White / 5g Colors
twist top plastic jars / hard plastic case

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