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Egg Tempera I

All levels welcome, no egg tempera experience required


Eliminate the mystery of egg tempera painting! Spend 5-days exploring all facets of egg tempera including: tempering and working with pigments, demos illustrating a variety of application tools, techniques, effects, “finishing” a painting and much more. Participants will work on a small still life. Sandy will provide the pigments, True Gesso Panels, eggs, paper towels, cups for egg and water, small plastic sectional palettes, as well as eye droppers and scissors. Each student will receive Egg Tempera: Tools, Techniques & Tips a 40-page guide compiled by the instructor. Visit this link to download the materials list/info sheet.  Visit these links for registration and payment.


Minimum of 6 participants for class to be held.


Full payment is due one month prior to start of workshop. Early paid registration secures your placement and the necessary materials prepared just for you. Each workshop has same content, just different dates.


Workshop I  and Workshop II are no longer open. Keep checking back for more workshop opportunities.


Please read carefully:


You will receive an immediate full refund if I must cancel the class.

If you cancel your workshop within two weeks of its start, you will receive a refund minus a $100 fee due to the committed preparation time and material expenses on the part of the instructor.



I love my workshops to be a “discussion” and not just “lecture”… at any time feel comfortable to add to the conversation or ask a question. During our workshop we will debunk a few of the misconceptions of Egg Tempera and demystify the process of painting like a 15th century master. Visit these links for registration and payment.


I want you to complete the workshop feeling satisfied creatively, with lots of new skills and with the excitement to continue your exploration of this wonderful old medium.


Because we want to spend the majority of our time on application technique and not on drawing, a systematic approach will lead participants through the process of painting a simple still life from a photo. While methodical for teaching and learning purposes, each participant’s painting will be “an original” and will display the unique sensibilities of each individual. Experienced painters (of any medium) may choose their own composition as described in the materials list.


A suggested materials list can be downloaded. The instructor will supply the pigments, eggs, gesso panels, paper towels, cups for egg and water, small plastic sectional palettes, and other incidentals…as well as eye droppers and scissors to share.


Each day includes group *demonstrations, visual aids and individual instruction.


* Demo List:

            Mixing egg binder                                                Best Practices

            Gesso Panels                                                          Tools

            Mixing pigments                                                   Blending colors            

            Underpaintings                                                      Il Libro dell’Arte

            Glazing                                                                     Scumbling

            Brush techniques                                                   Sponging

            Splattering                                                               Stenciling

            Stone, marble, granite                                           Saral

            Corrections                                                              Finishing

            Suppliers                                                                  ET History

            Old Master Design                                                 Bibliography



Please contact anytime with any questions:


See You in Class!

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Private lesson students receive the equipment-filled tote 

24 Pigment Sampler Kit  $75.00

10g titanium white              5g each hue





Created for my students.....

but available to all


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